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Productivity vs. Happiness

I wonder sometimes why when things are flowing and going well, we as humans feel like we need to change something. That somehow changing or adding to what is already just right

will make it better? Are we unable to truly recognize and appreciate when something is good, that we move on to the next thing?

I recently went through something like this. I finally found peace in my set up for this blog and had a vision for life that was so strongly bringing peace. Then I saw something online (of course) about a way to make it even more. Then I began the spiral. While I learned a lot by following this way I found online. It also took me so far away from what I really wanted to be doing. I then became overwhelmed and was ready to burn it all down.

As I went to my husband crying in a full spiral, he offered me sturdiness and wisdom and most of all kindness. (Which I will be forever grateful for) “I’m a mess. I messed up. What am I doing? I wasted money”. And so on it went. He said very bluntly (as he usually is) “if you don’t like it don’t do it. If you aren’t happy, stop”.

The next morning I awoke realizing I lost sight of what I was doing that actually brought me joy. I became distracted by others paths, journeys, and experiences that I forgot my own.

This got me thinking how many times this happens in our lives. Is this human error? To constantly want something more than what we have. To constantly strive for what other people are doing and accomplishing that we miss our own opportunities? It is so easy to become distracted in this world, ads are every where, snippets of other peoples lives that we think we know and should strive to be like that we lose ourselves are every where.

I am not sure if this is just the way of the world, human design or America that we constantly base our decisions in life off of worthiness or success, and then we base those things off of productivity rather than happiness and character.

I do believe we should have goals and ambitions but they should be our own. I encourage every one to be lucky enough to find something that brings them peace, to enjoy it and revel in it. To measure not only your success by level of productivity but by happiness, peace and joy.

Even when we lose our way, its helpful to remember to ask yourself in those moments these things:

  1. Will this bring me happiness?

  2. How do I feel making this next decision?

  3. What is my goal?

  4. Why am I doing this?

Overall Message

It is normal to explore and loose our way as we are trying to find what we want and what our goals are. It is important to remember when “mistakes” are made, they are never truly mistakes just a learning opportunity. Whether it be a chance to gain more clarity on what your goal is or what is it you do not want your goal to be.

If anyone is wanting to share their experiences I would love to hear about them.

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2 kommentarer

While reading this I found myself exhaling lol. I relate to this post so much and it is a nice reminder that we are here on this Earth for the experiences that life brings us. You said it best with saying that mistakes are just a learning opportunity. I appreciate the boldness of your husband's comment too because it is also a good reminder to do what feels good and brings you joy. It is so easy to fall into the conditioning that has been instilled in us when we live in a world that wants us to work, work, work to feel like we need to prove our worth. But rather, we need to listen to our hearts an…


Thank you for sharing. I love the idea of calling it a “check-in”. Checking in with ourselves if something that is often skipped or forgotten because we just keeping going. I hope you are able to find your happiness and continue down the best path for you in all endeavors life brings you.

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